Glynn Forrest


I offer a variety of services to get computers working for you.

Web application development

I can create truly bespoke web applications to streamline the way your business operates. Either from scratch or working with an existing product, I deliver measured, iterative, and visible results. I use continuous integration and deployment to give you a working product as soon as possible.

I can work on my own, or as part of a team, and have experience working within Agile and Scrum based workflows.

I like to use the Symfony2 and Django frameworks for large applications, allowing me to focus on your business requirements and less on ‘plumbing’.

When appropriate, I like to use Ember.js, React, and similar ES6 javascript tooling to create rich client-side applications that perform well on a variety of devices and screen sizes.

I take pride in my polyglot abilities, and able to dive into projects written in almost any language.

For smaller applications, APIs and ‘glue’ projects, I use smaller tools such as Flask (Python) and net/http (Go).

Infrastructure automation

I can help you configure servers, workstations, and application deployments in a repeatable, automated way.

I use tools like SaltStack, Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins, and Prometheus to automate the building, deployment and monitoring of applications.

If you like the idea of typing deploy super_duper_app to production and having everything just work, you should get in touch.

You’ll never have to provision a server manually again.

Legacy code rescue

I enjoy taking old, unloved applications and making them work again. Some call my enjoyment ‘twisted’, I call it ‘saving people from computers making their lives miserable’.

My biggest strength is with ancient PHP codebases, but I’ll happily take on most projects.

Think carefully before you agree to the big expensive rewrite in <shiny_language> - you’ll then have two problems to deal with. Instead, hire me to fix your application in iterative stages, accommodating new features and ensuring it never blows up at 4:55pm on a Friday.

Technology consulting

Need some advice on how to build an application, or rescue an application you already have?

Perhaps insight into choosing technology, software, programming languages?

I can help you make these decisions, implement them, and get you back to being a business again. Computers get much easier when you know who to speak to.

Automation and data processing

If computers can do so much, why does ‘computer work’ include so many repetitive tasks?

I can write software to automate these tasks for you.

Some examples:

If you find yourself doing anything more than twice on a computer, there is a high chance I can automate it for you. Your time is valuable. Let me remove the drudgery and allow you to focus on the important things.

Hosting and application installs

I can install and host a variety of applications for you, on my servers or yours. My servers of choice are AWS and Linode.

Please send me an email to discuss your requirements.