Glynn Forrest

Glynn Forrest

I'm a Glasgow-based musician and software developer.

I studied timpani and percussion at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and graduated with MMus and BMus degrees in 2013. I now play music professionally with a variety of orchestras, ensembles, and bands.

I'm the director of Backbeat Technologies, a software company that provides full-stack web development, cloud infrastructure, digital strategy, and legacy code refactoring services.

There are two products in development: the Perform application toolkit, a collection of software bundles to develop complex web applications easily; and BackupsHQ, a backups abstraction layer and dashboard for software professionals.


Here are some personal projects I maintain that might be of interest. See my Github profile for open source contributions.

The vast majority of code I write is for Backbeat products and services.


Super SaltStack - Event driven orchestration and configuration management

Salt, Puppet, Chef, Ansible - which one to choose? Learn what makes SaltStack stand out from other configuration management solutions, and how you can use the built-in orchestration engine, event bus, reactor, cloud, beacons, and much more, to take your operations to the next level. We'll see how to get started in less than 5 minutes, and look at some good practices to follow as your infrastructure grows. We'll go beyond configuration management and look into reacting to incidents, self healing-infrastructure, auto-scaling, and other use cases. We'll also examine some of Salt's weaknesses, and where other tools can be used as inspiration for improvement.

First given at Devops Glasgow, SkyScanner Glasgow, 22nd February 2017.

Aspect oriented programming in PHP

A look at the Aspect Oriented Programming options available for PHP. Discussion of the pros and cons, and a live demo adding some AOP features to a simple Symfony application.

First given at Edinburgh PHP User Group, Blonde Digital, 17th March 2015.


Gears for solo percussion

An experiment in polyrhythms.

First performed at the Govenor's Recital Prize for Percussion, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, 2010.